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Digitize Your Brand


Digitize Your Brand creates print and branded merchandise that interacts with smartphones, tablets and the computer. Our Tap2Interct platform provides sports teams, venues, sponsors, and fans amazing ways to interact. This system is very open and can integrate with any existing systems.

Our interactive wearables integrate into many forms of merchandise, signage and locations.

Our staple solution,FanBands are interactive wristbands that drive interaction for fans, teams, sponsors, players and venues. Creating personal experiences driving data, contextual fan experiences, sponsors and venue interactions. Fans personal FanPage can be viewed via the web, team/venue app or via social media and is the collection of their digital memories from their physical interactions.This can include sponsor promotions, social interactions/challenges, A/R, photos, survey/data capture, merchadising and team centric experiences. FanBands also drive offline, retail and continuous experiences past gameday.